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Will CBD make me high? No. But as a derivative of the cannabis plant, there is a lot of confusion about this topic. It is easy to see how misinformation has spread. This is especially true considering the fact that hemp products have only been legally sold in America since 2018. So, we are here to clear up any misconception that still lingers. 

What Does CBD Stand For?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most potent compound found in the cannabis plant. However, CBD is one of over 80 cannabinoids – others include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBN). Cannabidiol has become a bit of a sensation, as studies are beginning to show the benefits of CBD on the human body. 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a complex biological system that impacts a variety of bodily functions, such as:

  • Regulating sleep
  • Coordination
  • Mood
  • Appetite
  • Memory
  • Reproduction
  • Pain
  • Immune response

The endocannabinoid system and CBD, or any other cannabis by-product, are not naturally reliant on each other. You have an endocannabinoid system even if you have never touched cannabis or any of its compounds. 

The human body naturally produces endocannabinoids, or endogenous cannabinoids. These are neurotransmitters that are remarkably similar to the molecular structure of cannabinoids, therefore allowing them to interact with this system in the body. 

However, the body processes different cannabinoids in distinct ways. THC binds directly with receptors in the body. Meanwhile, CBD does not. It does influence these receptors, though. Many researchers think that CBD prevents the breakdown of endocannabinoids, while others are exploring the possibility that it attaches to receptors that have yet to be discovered. 

CO2 extraction and alcohol extraction are used to remove CBD from the cannabis plant. CBD can be extracted both from the hemp and marijuana plant. Though, it is most often taken from hemp for commercial products due to the legality of the product. The CBD is extracted, refined, and distilled to create quality, potent products. 

Hemp vs. Marijuana

CBD is more potent in the hemp plant, a type of cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC. This is not to be confused with marijuana, a cannabis plant that contains more than 0.3% THC. Why is this important? THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Rather, THC is the ingredient that causes you to feel “high” – impeding your mental and motor functions. Because hemp has such low levels of THC, the psychoactive properties are negligible. This is the main reason that it was legalized for consumers in America. 

Can CBD Get You High?

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. Therefore, CBD cannot get you high. You will, however, feel its subtle results. Rather than producing a high, CBD can bring a sense of calm and relaxation. Some even relate the experience to a gentle tingling sensation. 

CBD does have an impact on bodily functions, even though they are vastly different from the effects of THC. Rather than getting you high, CBD can actually help your sober mind and body function better. There is still an abundance of research to be done in order to fully understand the benefits of CBD, but promising studies have given hope to those looking for help finding homeostasis. 

What Can CBD Do?

Research on CBD is still young and there is much to be done in this arena. However, in terms of the relation of CBD to the individual functions of the ECS, there is a lot to be said. Numerous studies have reported that CBD usage aids in pain relief and supports joint comfort

Research also suggests that CBD can help reduce both mental and physical manifestations of stress. Studies have also shown that within one month of use, CBD aids individuals in getting more restful sleep. Because CBD has been shown to help your body find balance, or homeostasis, research and anecdotal evidence have been collected to support these theories.

While results vary depending on the product you use, we promote products that generally:

  • support a sense of calm; 
  • help manage signs of daily stress;
  • enhance exercise recovery; 
  • compliment a healthy wellness routine. 

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of CBD?

It is important to note that the studies completed on CBD’s ability to help relieve pain, reduce stress, and aid restful sleep all supported the fact that advantages are maximized when used consistently. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect CBD to take full effect on your first use. 

In terms of the effects you will feel immediately, different products enter the system differently. Thus, you’ll feel the gentle calming impact at different intervals based on your CBD product. The main types of CBD products are tinctures, capsules, gummies, and topicals. 

CBD Oil and Tinctures

Oils and tinctures are liquid forms of CBD. This product is taken sublingually – applied under the tongue – or mixed into a drink for consumption. In fact, there are coffee shops and cafes that offer CBD oil additions to your coffee! 

A major benefit of this product is the ability to control your own dosage. Plus, many companies flavor their oil to make it more enjoyable to take. Here at Naked Roots CBD, we love our key lime tinctures. By utilizing more or fewer drops, you can experiment and find the best dose for you! It typically takes 15 to 45 minutes for this product to enter your system. 

CBD Soft Gels

CBD Soft Gels are a pill-like product. Each Soft Gelhas the same amount of CBD in it, so you never have to guess how much you are taking. This makes it difficult to experiment with dosages, but it does give peace of mind to those who are looking for more consistency. 

If you’re looking for a product that is simple and tasteless, you should consider our quick and easy CBD Soft Gels! One thing to consider, though, is that capsules must dissolve in the digestive tract before taking effect. Therefore, it will take 1 to 3 hours to feel the effects of CBD Soft Gels.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies can be seen as a good in-between as far as dosage. While each gummy has the same amount of CBD, gummies can also be cut into smaller pieces. So, you have a bit more flexibility than with capsules. 

They are also tasty – think of it as the equivalent of taking gummy vitamins. If this sounds ideal for you, try out our Naked Roots CBD gummies! Like capsules, gummies have to be digested. But, they do so at a quicker rate. You can typically expect to feel a difference in 30 to 90 minutes. 

CBD Topicals

Topicals can come in a variety of forms – such as creams, balms, ointments, lotions, and roll-ons. We love our lavender and eucalyptus salve! The benefit of a topical is that you can focus the benefits on a particular area of the body. CBD topicals typically take 10 to 20 minutes to kick in, so you won’t have to wait long for relief. 

Looking to Try CBD?

Naked Roots CBD is here to support your mission to feel better, without getting high. Our mission boils down to one thing – we want to be your one-stop source for what you need when it comes to CBD. At Naked Roots CBD, we will always deliver Premium Grade CBD products that are ROOTED in Quality, Trust, and Transparency. We carry the finest quality products in the industry, yet we’re small enough to care about whether or not you do business with us. With Naked Roots CBD, you’re not just a name – you’re a valued customer. So let us help you reap the benefits of CBD!