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Safe CBD for Dogs

CBD For My Pets

CBD products are increasing in popularity. If you have tried CBD for yourself, you might wonder, “is CBD safe for my pets, too?” And it turns out that CBD products are perfectly safe for your pet — if it is derived from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant and purchased from a premium provider or brand.

The owners of Naked Roots CBD are also pet lovers, and therefore we launched “Naked Paw CBD”, our pet-friendly line of CBD products. So, your favorite four-legged friends can also experience the holistic health benefits of CBD. 

Is CBD Safe for My Pets?

Since there have not been many studies done on using CBD in animals, Naked Paw CBD is a pet-friendly CBD product for your pet. Cannabidiol products, or CBD products, are growing quickly in popularity for both humans and pets. CBD works similarly in animal bodies as it does in our bodies. (Also, just like us, CBD will not make your dog high, either.) There is anecdotal evidence from dog owners that suggests CBD can help relieve your pooch’s pain, anxiety, and other ailments. 

Potential Benefits of CBD for Dogs

There are numerous potential benefits of CBD for pets, including your dog. Emerging research suggests that CBD might help with several pet health conditions, including anxiety, seizures, and chronic pain. 


Mobility can be a struggle for pets as they get up in years. Especially as your dog ages, you might notice that he can’t play fetch the way he did when he was younger or struggles going up the stairs. Many pet parents use CBD for this situation. There is evidence that CBD supports healthy joints and flexibility, provides connective tissue support, and can relieve occasional joint stiffness. That makes CBD a popular choice for owners of senior dogs. 


No dog owner likes to see their pet in pain. If your dog is ill, recovering from an injury or surgery, or experiencing occasional discomfort from exercise or aging, CBD might be able to help. CBD supports a normal inflammatory response in the body (in both people and animals!) which can relieve occasional stiffness and soreness, and also supports healthy cellular activity and normal muscle recovery.


Stress and anxiety can affect dogs, just like it affects people. There are several reasons a dog might feel nervous or stressed. Some reasons might be loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks, household changes like moves or bringing a new baby or pet home, traveling, hospitalization, grooming, or separation from their beloved humans when they are left alone. 


Another potential benefit of CBD for dogs is to calm hyperactivity. Many dogs are hyperactive. Hyperactivity in pets is usually caused by excess energy or anxiety and can lead to destructive behavior. CBD can have a calming effect on the nerves, which promotes relaxation in animals. It also supports a normal balance and can help animals cope with external stressors, like flying or rides in cars. (Any dog owner knows the sad shaking of an anxious pup in the car!) 

Overall Wellness

In the same way that we give our pets vitamins, medications, and other supplements to boost their immune systems and health, dogs can benefit from other holistic health options as well, especially in their golden years. In addition to supporting the immune system, CBD has other possible health benefits for pets, like maintaining physical and mental well-being, supporting normal cardiovascular and neurological function, and promoting long-term health.

What to Look for in CBD for Pets

Just like you might wonder which brand is the best CBD brand for you, you also will want to determine which is the best CBD for pets.

Choose a High-Quality CBD Brand

When you are considering if CBD is safe for your pets, the key is choosing a high-quality CBD brand that you know you can trust, for both you and your best friend. Unfortunately, there are some CBD companies and sellers that sell low-quality products that can be toxic, to both humans and pets. Naked Paw CBD sells only premium products made with organic ingredients. 

Check the Certificate of Analysis

Any reputable CBD company will be transparent with their lab reports and show their Certificate of Analysis. Naked Paw CBD provides a Certificate of Analysis (or Lab Reports) for all of our products on our website. Our Lab Reports are conducted by a Third-Party Laboratory, and contain the chemical analysis which ensures product quality, potency, purity, and non-contamination. 

Avoid Products That Contain THC 

Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD derived from Hemp is best for your pups. Full-spectrum CBD contains additional cannabinoids, and studies have shown that these cannabinoids work together to produce the most effective results for not just your health, but also your pet’s health. 

THC can be toxic for your pet, so make sure to avoid any CBD products that contain THC. It is best to only give your pets hemp-derived CBD products. Naked Paw CBD products are THC-free, so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s health.

Find an All-Natural product made with Organic ingredients for Your Furry Friend

The best CBD that is safest for your pets will be natural and organic. Just like organic food, the quality of the cannabis plant can be affected by the way that it’s grown. This ensures that no toxins sneak your way into your pet’s body.

Best CBD Dosage for Dogs

It is important to follow the proper CBD dosage for dogs. The right dosage for your own precious pooch is going to depend on a few factors, like what kind of dog you have and their weight. The best way to determine the ideal CBD dosage for dogs is to talk to your veterinarian before giving your pet any new products. Please refer to the product label instructions for details.

Try our Pet Safe CBD for your pet Today

Now, you know that CBD is most likely safe for your pets, it is time to try “Naked Paw CBD”. We are pet owners and enjoy “Naked Roots CBD” for personal usage…and now offer Naked Paw CBD for pets. If you are ready to try some pet-safe CBD for your pets, shop our selection of pet-safe CBD products at! Whether you need to purchase CBD for your pup for Fourth of July fireworks or calm down your pup for an upcoming trip, or help relieve joint pain and inflammation…purchase Naked Paw CBD today! 

At Naked Paw CBD (a Naked Roots CBD brand), we will always deliver Premium Grade CBD products that are ROOTED in Quality, Trust, and Transparency.