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While CBD can come from marijuana, it can also be derived from hemp. Hemp is a related plant that contains much less THC than marijuana. If you are new to buying CBD, you might be wondering if you should buy hemp or THC-derived CBD. There are several reasons why it is important that you buy hemp versus THC-derived CBD. We believe that it is important to make informed decisions about what products you put into your body. That is we offer full transparency and lab reports with data about our high-quality CBD products and their ingredients. Naked Roots CBD products contain U.S.-grown organic hemp. Learn about the myriad benefits of hemp-derived CBD.

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Why Is It Important That I Buy Hemp Versus THC Derived CBD?

In order to know why it is important that you buy hemp versus THC-derived CBD products, you need to know about some important differences between hemp and THC. 

Hemp-Derived CBD Contains Less THC

The main difference between hemp CBD and THC-derived CBD is the amount of each compound they contain. Hemp contains more CBD and less THC. 

Hemp-Derived CBD is Legal

As of 2018, Congress made hemp legal in all 50 states. Consequently, CBD derived from hemp is also legal in all 50 states. This makes hemp-derived CBD the obvious choice, so you don’t have to worry about having any illegal products or failing any drug tests. Hemp-derived CBD is 

Hemp-Derived CBD Doesn’t Get You High 

The primary difference between hemp and THC is their psychoactive component. Unlike THC, hemp-derived CBD has no psychoactive effects. This means you can take your CBD at any time of day and enjoy all the benefits without having to worry about getting high.

What’s the Difference Between Hemp, Marijuana, and Cannabis?

Though they are both part of the same family (and sometimes species), hemp and marijuana have very different characteristics and chemistry. CBD can be extracted from hemp or cannabis, so let’s break down the differences between hemp and cannabis. 

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a specific type of cannabis known specifically as Cannabis sativa L. Unlike cannabis, hemp contains 0.3 percent or less THC (tetrahydrocannabinol.)  In the U.S. the level of THC is the legal defining line between hemp and marijuana. 

What is Cannabis?

The name cannabis is a taxonomic term that refers to a genus of flowering plants that are members of the Cannabacae family. Cannabis is simply a broad classification of both hemp and marijuana plants. 

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How CBD and THC Affect the Body

We have two different types of cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. THC binds with receptors, mostly in the brain, that control pain, mood, and other feelings. That is why THC can make you feel “high” or give you a feeling of euphoria. CBD works a little differently in the body. It is believed to work with other elements in the body, linked to feelings of well-being, without the “high” effect.

Hemp vs Marijuana

Many people are curious about the similarities and differences between hemp and marijuana. The terms “hemp” and “marijuana” get thrown about often, but they are often used incorrectly. 


Hemp is a specific variety of C. Sativa. In fact, hemp has been grown for hundreds of years. In addition to CBD, it is used to make items like clothes, sails, rope, food, and more. 


Marijuana contains high levels of THC (up to 30%) and is much more intoxicating than CBD. Also, marijuana is still illegal in many parts of the United States. And where it is legal, you will need to go to a dispensary to purchase it. Marijuana is used for a wide variety of different medicinal and recreational purposes. 

Five Main Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana 

There are five main differences between hemp and marijuana: composition, appearance and physical characteristics, legality, and public perception. 


One of the main differences between hemp and weed is their chemical composition. (Mainly, how much CBD and THC is in each.) 


Hemp and marijuana actually do look very similar. Both are Sativas, and both are very tall plants. However, there are differences. Marijuana has a higher population of thick and sticky resin, which houses all the valuable plant compounds, like THC. Hemp doesn’t carry as much resin. Most of the beneficial compounds are in the hemp plant’s leaves. 


The legality of hemp and marijuana is another major difference. While hemp is federally legal, marijuana is federally illegal. The reason again comes down to THC content. However, state laws can vary when it comes to marijuana-derived products, which is another reason why you might prefer purchasing hemp-derived CBD products. You will be safe buying our CBD products from anywhere in the U.S. 

Public Perception 

Despite the fact that both hemp and cannabis belong to the cannabis family, hemp-derived CBD products are generally more accepted publically than marijuana products. No one will bat an eye when they see you pull a bottle of CBD oil out of your bag! 

What is the Hemp Leaf?

You might be wondering about how the hemp plant becomes your favorite CBD oil. Hemp leaves are very skinny and commonly found nearer the top of the hemp stalk alongside the trichome-rich buds. There are several uses for hemp leaves. CBD manufacturers like ourselves use the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant to make CBD products. Cannabidiol is a natural extract from the hemp plant. When you purchase Naked Roots CBD, the CBD is extracted from industrial hemp that is grown in the United States. 

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Why It Is Important To Buy Hemp Versus THC Derived CBD

Now, you know there are several reasons why it is important to buy hemp vs THC-derived CBD. If you want to enjoy all the natural benefits of CBD like supporting restful sleep without getting high, you need a hemp-derived CBD product. At Naked Roots CBD, we will always deliver Premium Grade CBD products that are ROOTED in Quality, Trust, and Transparency. Our CBD oils contain organic U.S.-grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, as well as other excellent organic, natural ingredients. (Plus, our product line features THC-free products, meets Federal regulatory compliance standards, and is hemp based.) We believe that you should know what you are putting into your body.