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cbd for chronic painCBD

8 Natural Painkillers for Chronic Pain

What Are Natural Painkillers for Chronic Pain? It is important to consider the side effects, medicinal interactions, and long-term consequences of taking painkillers regularly. Sure, Advil may be an easily accessible option to stop your pain in its tracks, but is it doing more harm than good? If you’re looking for natural pain relief to reduce the number of painkillers you take, then this is the article for you. Here are the best natural painkillers for chronic pain. It is important to …
What is the Entourage Effect?Cannabis

What is the Entourage Effect?

What is the Entourage Effect When It Comes To Cannabis? Did you know that cannabis plants contain more than 120 different phytocannabinoids? As more research is conducted about the amazing effects of cannabis plants and their compounds, one discovery has been the entourage effect. But what is the entourage effect? The entourage effect is the theory that various compounds in cannabis work together to create unique effects and benefits.  What is the Entourage Effect? Some research has determined that when CBD and THC …
Cannabidiol and Dravet SyndromeCBD

Cannabidiol and Dravet Syndrome

How Can Cannabidiol Help Dravet Syndrome? If you or someone you love is affected by Dravet syndrome, you might have heard that cannabidiol could possibly help reduce the occurrence of seizures. One study even called cannabidiol “a new hope for patients with Dravet” syndrome. So, what is the relationship between cannabidiol and Dravet Syndrome? In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (or FDA) has even approved a drug that contains an active ingredient derived from marijuana to treat Dravet syndrome …
neck painCBD

How Does CBD Help Me Manage Pain and Inflammation?

Can CBD Help Me Manage Pain and Inflammation? Are you looking for a natural and effective way to manage pain and inflammation? Many people use CBD to help relieve pain. In fact, according to the 2020 CBD survey, more than 60% of people who use CBD across all age groups do so for pain management. The number one reason people use CBD is to manage pain and inflammation. And even better? There are promising results that suggest CBD can help manage …
muscle spasmsMedical

How Does CBD Aid Muscle Spasticity?

Does CBD Aid Muscle Spasticity? Muscle spasticity is a very real issue for many people with multiple sclerosis. It can affect their quality of life, daily activities, and ability to move around. However, CBD may be able to aid muscle spasticity and even muscle spasms. CBD is derived from Cannabis sativa, which is one of the oldest herbal plants in the history of medicine. Learn more about how CBD might be able to help aid muscle spasticity and muscle spasms.  Does CBD …